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EPDM Membrane

Rubber EPDM membrane is used widely throughout many industries to provide an airtight and weather-tight seal. The rubber membrane is a very flexible material. A safe, solvent free adhesive can be used to adhere the membrane to the common substrates. Dortech supply a wide range of EPDM products, specifically manufactured for the glass and glazing industry, our range consists of EPDM rubber membrane, adhesives, glazing tapes (commonly known as 'dry glazing tape') and other applicators and tools. When installed correctly, the EPDM system helps the building achieve Document L.

EPDM Membrane

epdm membrane

EPDM membrane. Typically installed with adhesives to create an airtight seal and weather-tight seal.

EPDM Adhesive

epdm adhsive

A solvent free adhesive that provides a high strength and flexible seal when bonding EPDM to substrates.

'Instant' EPDM

epdm with butyl strip

An EPDM membrane containing a butyl strip used for a quick and easy application. 

EPDM Glazing Tape

dry epdm glazing tape

EPDM 'dry glaze' profile tape recommended for timber windows. To be applied between insulating glass and beads.

EPDM Applicators

epdm applicators

Tools and applicators for applying rubber EPDM membrane and contact adhesives.

EPDM Membrane Façade System

EPDM Membrane is used throughout the glass and glazing industry to provide a weather-tight seal around the perimeter of windows, doors, cladding, glass screens and curtain walling. The EPDM system can accommodate structural movement.

EPDM is flexible and easy to install by using an EPDM adhesive to adhere the membrane to a substrate.

The EPDM system not only prevents water and air leakage but uses sealants and adhesives which are safe and solvent free.
This green system helps the building achieve Document L.
  • Easy Application
  • No Odour
  • No Fumes
  • Provides an Air-Tight Seal
  • Provides an Weather-Tight Seal
  • Retains Heat
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions
ARBO EPDM Membrane
£19.76 Inc VATFrom£16.47 Ex VATFrom
epdm membrane
£14.40 Inc VATFrom£12.00 Ex VATFrom
Sika Membran - EPDM Membrane
£20.84 Inc VATFrom£17.37 Ex VATFrom
epdm membrane with butyl strip
£37.44 Inc VATFrom£31.20 Ex VATFrom
epdm membrane with adhesive
£49.50 Inc VATFrom£41.25 Ex VATFrom
Tremco illbruck Duo Flexible Window Membrane
£77.60 Inc VATFrom£64.67 Ex VATFrom
Following the introduction of document L, it has become a requirement to provide a robust seal to the internal interfaces between different façade components of a construction. The purpose of this seal is to reduce heat and air leakage from a building and to help prevent interstitial condensation.

To aid rapid construction techniques, contractors demand that a building is made substantially waterproof as early as possible during construction. The use of the EPDM system plays an important role in achieving this aim. The membrane is usually applied between the window or curtain wall and the outside of the inside wall. Increasing standards demanded by building insurance companies on new constructions and impending legislation means that window seals must incorporate additional robust seals and use of an external sealant only will not be permitted as a single line of defence against water ingress.

The EPDM membrane system is designed to offer a fully compatible solution to this detail that not only prevents water and air leakage but uses sealants and adhesives which are safe and solvent free.
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